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Auntie Rachie Visits!

auntie rachel was here for the weekend of july 18th.  she decided to come to help celebrate our mom’s birthday and to also work on some wedding plans with my mom.  rachel and her fiance erin will be getting married this coming october on st. pete beach.  since she was going to be here, my mom and i decided to take advantage of her quick visit to throw her a bridal shower also.  it was a very busy day with her bridal shower in the afternoon and then my mom’s birthday party that same evening, but as always, i really enjoyed my time with rachel and was happy to give oliver another chance to spend some time with his aunt.  unfortunately, it was a rough day for him and he was pretty grumpy for most of it.  he finally was in a little better mood after dinner, which was when we tried to get some pics of rachel with him.  he wasn’t being very expressive, but i was happy that he at least was no longer crying:)!  it has been such a treat to see rachel so much this year!  between holidays, oliver’s birth, and her wedding plans, i feel very spoiled to have her home so much.  the only downside is that it is easy to become used to having her around, so when it becomes more infrequent i will miss her even more than i already do.  so, anyways, we are very excited to share in her and erin’s celebration and wanted to post some pics from her shower.  she is going to be a beautiful bride!!!



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