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So this post is a little late but back in May I was hanging out with Oliver and I noticed how much he kept trying to straighten his legs while I was holding him. So just for fun I had him lean against the bottom of our bed and he was holding himself up. I was so surprised that I kept leaning him against the bed and if he started to lose his balance I would adjust him again. Then at one point as I was balancing him while he stood he started to put forward both legs one at a time as if he already knew how to walk.  Annie and I want him to progress like any other kid but we know that if he starts walking he is going to be a much bigger handful for us so in one sense I was excited to see him put those feet forward and in another sense I was thinking uh oh. Anyways, in the midst of balancing him and smiling and laughing with him I managed to grab a few pictures of the whole progression which you can see above. I love that little guy!



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Proud daddy…

Meet Oliver-6i know this is a little late, but i wanted to do a post to celebrate jon’s first father’s day!  oliver wasn’t able to help out with jon’s gift much this year (although, i think he gave him some spit-up), but i know that oliver is very thankful and blessed to have jon as his daddy.  this is the first picture ever taken of father and son, and despite jon’s exhaustion after very actively helping with my labor, he is beaming with pride as he holds his son for the first time.  i think that jon has probably had an even easier time than me adjusting to life with oliver.  he is always so excited to get home from work each day to see us, and usually is ready to hold oliver as soon as he walks in the door.  sometimes, i am feeding him and jon anxiously waits until i am done so that he can burp him, and then get the brunt of the upcoming spit-up:).  jon has been in charge of bathing ollie and loves every minute of it, well most of the minutes at least.  it is such an amazing gift to have a partner like jon, the father of my child, who not only does his share in helping out, but does it with excitement and out of a genuine desire to be with his son as much as he can.  fathers who are actively involved with their kids lives seems to be something that is becoming more and more rare, so i am not taking it for granted and cannot be thankful enough to have him as my life partner.  so, happy father’s day to you, jon (i did give him a card on time…) and thank-you for being such an amazing dad, someone that i know oliver and i can both count on no matter what.  love you!


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More faces…

Sorry it’s been so long since the last post…life has been crazy. Anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to post some pictures of the faces Oliver has been making lately. It seems like almost every day he has a new noise and expression that he’s doing. These pictures were taken in May and show how much Oliver is growing up. Hope you enjoy!

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